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Welcome to  Pepper Spray Gun site! At here we want to share with you some good self defense weapons  can help you at some sutiations although hopefully Chances are you may never have to use it. If you are interested to know more about Pepper Spray and how to pick the best pepper spray to buy  it, you have come to the right place!

Best pepper spray – pepper spray gun 2015

It pays to think about what you would like your pepper spray to do before you buy one, so here I’ve put in information that might be useful for you to choose the right pepper spray for yourself. I took the info from my own experience while shopping for the perfect pepper spray to buy.

How to choose the right Pepper spray?

– I think there is no single Perfect Pepper Spray on the market for everyone, since everyone has different needs for a Pepper Spray. There are many difference situations which you need a self defense weapon to increase your safety and personal protection ! That’s why you should think twice before buying the great juicer that someone else is raving about.

– And there’s a big difference in the price too. How much are you willing to pay for a decent pepper spray that fits your needs? We got SABRE RED Pepper Spray for a little less than $10, and it certainly gave me more than its worth!

Anyway, first you have to choose the types of pepper spray you want:

Stream pepper spray gun

Stream pepper spray cover up to 15-20 feet, effective  under windy situations and no use indoor because you may risk inhaling some of the spray or getting splashed (10$ – 25$) (All of stream pepper spray by brand)

Stream pepper gun spray: Cover up to 15-20 feet, effective under windy situations

Pepper gel

Pepper gel cover up to 25 feet and perfect for spraying in indoor settings (Reviews ofpepper gel by brand)

Pepper gel review 2015Pepper spray fogger

Cover a range of 6-8 feet, great for close quarters or indoor use

Fogger pepper gun spray: Cover a range of 6-8 feet

Foam pepper spray gun

Foam pepper spray range of 4-8 feet, not very effective under windy conditions. (Foam pepper spray reviews by brand)


Bear pepper spray gun

Bear pepper spray such as animal pepper spray, prevent you from being attacked by an aggressive dog or a bear in the woods ( Reviews of bear pepper spray by brand)

  • Animal pepper spray

pepper gun spray Range of 4-8 feet, not very effective under windy conditions


 – Our top Pick-

I’ve checked out a lot of pepper sprays and picked out some best rated pepper sprays for you so that you can save some research time, and I’ve categorized these top pepper spray gun as below. In these reviews, I’ve detailed features of pepper sprays that I think they are the best in their category and from here, you will choose the right pepper spray for you by brand.

Vipertek Stun Gun ( VTS-989 )

VVIPERTEK VTS-989 heavy rechargeable reviewsIPERTEK VTS 989 is a strong weapon. In most cases, just firing it in the air is enough to stop a potential attacker. It acts by pulsating a bright electric current between test prongs to create a threatening electric sound. Anyone will be stopped by this sound. If an attacker still comes your way, touch him with a gun. The gun will deliver a high electrical voltage shock that results to loss of muscle control, disorientation, confusion & balance. It’ll incapacitate an attacker & give you time to escape.

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Fox Labs Pepper Spray ( 1 Pound Pistol Grip Fog )


Fox Labs Pepper Sppepper spray gun - steamsprayL-300x300 Fox Labs Pepper Spray -1 Pound Pistol Grip Fog reviewray is one of the most effective pepper sprays which is manufactured by the Fox Labs Producer. It’s 1lb in weight & the stream can project up to 20+ feet. This pepper spray gun has high power of string visual deterrent qualities along with the ability to emit streams of pepper spray in high power. The grip of the pepper spray is easy to hold & the two & half inch diameter of the canister helps in better stream bursts. Fox Labs Pepper Spray is the best one in taking quick control of an individual or a crowd. It’s really the ideal one for termination of any kind of situation. The person to which it’s exposed should try to move into fresh air as soon as possible because of the per burst high volume that’s discharged from the spray.

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Sabre Pepper Spray ( SabreRed pepper spray- Police Strength, Fogger )

sabre Pepper Spray gun


This spray is manufactured by Sabre pepper spray that is one of the most popular names as a manufacturer of pepper sprays for personal defense & also by police. It’s a very effective spray which can cover up to 25 foot range & one delivery blast of the pepper spray gun is able to cover the entire doorway. The best features of Sabre pepper spray is that it’s accessible & can be mounted anywhere in your house. The 13.0 fogger unit is really helpful in protecting yourself from some kind of danger. It’s known to the users for its ability in offering the most practical protection & comes with 4 years of shelf life.

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 Mace Pepper Spray (Silver)

mace Pepper Spray gun image of Mace pepper silver spray review 2014The Mace vs pepper spray gun contains a pepper spray formula which sprays up to 25 feet away. This ensures that the user is at a safe distance from an attacker. Mace pepper spray sprays a continuous stream of oleoresin capsicum, a very effective substance that disables potential attackers and is accepted by the law. This Spray can be fired at any angle including when held upside down. Each oleoresin capsicum canister holds about seven bursts of spray & can be refille.

Mace pepper spray utilizes a strong irritant. Therefore, it should be kept out of reach of children. You should ensure that you go through all the instructions before using it. If exposed to OC, remove the contaminated clothes immediately & flush the affected area with a lot of cold water before exposing it to fresh air.

This Mace pepper silver spray has a shelf life of four years. Expired units may not perform as expected & should be disposed of according to the local environmental requirements.

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Kimber Pepper Blaster II Red

kimber blaster spray 2015 - best pepper spray gunKimber Pepper blaster 2 Red One Size has an ergonomic pistol grip with rear & front sights to boost the chances of hitting the attacker with exceptionally powerful pepper mixture. The OC mixture used can incapacitate an attacker for more than 30 minutes. If the need be, a second reserve shot is available. The OC mixture is discharged at 90mph. This high speed reduces the chances of contaminating other person a part from your attacker. However, Kimber Pepper blaster 2 is not reusable & should be disposed of properly after the two shots are used.

In terms of usefulness & effectiveness, Kimber pepper blaster 2 red performs well at incapacitating a person immediately. It has no loss of pressure, blowback or drifting. This means that you can easily sustain your aim steadily & shot regardless of wind direction.

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Fox pepper spray (Fox Labs Pepper Spray 4 Ounce 1 Pound Pistol Grip Fog)

 Fox Labs Pepper Spray gun - 4 Ounce 2% OC 5.3-mm UV Flip Top Stream

The Fox Labs (4 Ounce 2% OC 5.3-mm UV Flip Top Stream) Pepper Spray is capable of 32-36 half second bursts at a distance of 17- 20 feet. The flip top of the pepper spray can help this to prevent from accidental discharges. The product is manufactured in USA & it is the best survival weapon. You can put your finger or your thumb at the top & then it rises easily with the help of the spring. Now for a powerful blast you need to depress the button & save yourself from any kind of dangerous situations. The Fox pepper spray is easy to handle & maintain for easy user interface. It is also lightweight & you can keep it with you for your personal safety. These are the top 5 pepper sprays that are highly popular among the users. They are known for their features & trusted by people worldwide. As the pepper sprays create a sense of temporary blindness in the target & helps in involuntary eye closure, Fox pepper spray gun is not only effective for crowd control but also for personal safety

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What can I expert from a good pepper spray gun?

  •  Advantages Of good Pepper Sprays
  • How to Maintain your Pepper Spray Gun?
  • 7 tips to more successfully utilize pepper sprays
  • Where to buy pepper spray  ?

Self Defense Weapons – A Few Useful Guides

Pepper spray gun has turned into a prominent thing for shielding yourself against an aggressor or a forceful creature. The compound present in the sprays is a provocative. When it interacts with eyes, throat, nose, and lungs, it hits the mucous layers show in them, and prompts moment debilitation. This causes the eyes to end up sorrowful and hammer close! Stronger focus may cause impermanent lack of sight or confinement of relaxing for at some point.
The most ideal approach to utilize a pepper spray gun is to spray an assailant’s face. Your assailant will get to be debilitated for sufficient time with the goal that you can flee or get help.

Where you can use pepper spray gun?

Keep in mind, in the event that you live in New York, you must purchase a pepper spray gun from an authorized drug specialist or a gun merchant. On the off chance that you live in Michigan, you can utilize particular sprays that have been sanction available to be purchased in that state. In Massachusetts, you must have a Firearms Identification Card to utilize such sprays, while in Wisconsin, you can’t utilize UV color sprays.

Creature sort pepper sprays gun are lawful in each of the 50 states. These sorts of spray can be bought on-line for shipment to most territories that confine other kind of pepper sprays.
Now is the right time to equip yourself with a self preservation weapon. Don’t be the casualty of a wrongdoing. Being aware of your environment and what is happening around is not enough to ensure your safety, you still need to carry something with you and that something would be your best weapon if ever you are in threat. There are already easy to carry gadgets these days that will help you ensure your safety and these things will not really cost you that much

Information on personal safety products are everywhere and if you are looking for something that would satisfy your need, don’t hesitate to try pepper spray gun. The use of these sprays is growing into popularity these days, particularly for women. If you are frequently going home at night because your work falls on the night shift, you really need to secure this spray right onto your pocket. In case something happen, you have something to use in order to protect yourself.

Tips  for using pepper spray gun

  1. Your pepper spray gun serves as your personal alert which can cause someone to shrill and that would draw attention towards you. The pepper spray device is obtainable at various shapes, sizes, and strengths. If you really like one which is very strong and can eventually hurt someone, you can have variety of options to choose from. Make sure that you keep it away from children’s reach for they might play with it and that would be dangerous to them.
  2. Don’t just take risks regarding the matter of your wellbeing. There are people who may have awful expectations and don’t let them take the risk. Keep with you, your pepper spray all the time and be caution on what is happening around you.
  3. Pepper spray can be an extremely compelling self-protection weapon for ladies. The significant preferences of pepper spray are that it is not difficult to utilize, convey, and renders assailants unprotected in seconds.
  4. Nonetheless, with a specific end goal to utilize it viably, you have to get your work done. While most publicists would like you to believe that it is just simple to use at the assailant, it can be significantly more troublesome than it appears. So here are seven tips on the most proficient method to all the more successfully utilize pepper spray gun .
  • Meet a danger – What would you do with your pepper spray gun?