Overview about Fox Labs Pepper Spray-1 Pound Pistol Grip Fog

This is one of the most effective pepper sprays that is manufactured by the Fox Labs. It is 1lb in weight and the stream can project up to 20+ feet. This pepper spray has high power of string visual deterrent qualities along with the ability to emit streams of pepper in high power. The grip of the spray is easy to hold and the two and half inch diameter of the canister helps in better stream bursts. The pepper spray is the best one in taking quick control of an individual or a crowd. It is really the ideal one for termination of any kind of situation. The person to which it is exposed should try to move into fresh air as soon as possible because of the per burst high volume that is discharged from the spray.

A Few Useful Self-Defense Tips

Sum up features of Fox Labs Law Enforcement Defense Spray

  • Fox Labs Law Enforcement Defense Spray- 1 Pound Pistol Grip Fog
  • Fox Labs Pepper Spray is the hottest pepper spray used by Police & Military Worldwide and now available to the public.
  • Most pepper sprays are between 1/2 million to 2 million Scoville heat units; however, Fox pepper spray is refined to 5.3 million Scoville heat units.
  • Made in the USA
  • Price about 48 -50$

Case Study: I tested this out and this is some potent pepper spray. I will warn you that you have to be very careful with this stuff as I got a wiff of the spray with virtually no wind and my nose along with left eye were burning something fierce. I cannot imagine being sprayed full force with this stuff. I would also recommend that if you want to test out the spray pattern and how far it sprays, spray quickly and move back a few feet to allow what you sprayed to settle or you might get part of the fumes on you. I wish I had this when the rabid racoon was eluding animal control. One shot and he wouldnt get away. I do love animals, just not rabid ones.