Mace Pepper Gun Strobe Led Review

Mace pepper gun utilizes an advanced system of delivery that uses a patented bag in a can technology. This is a new system that allows the pepper gun to splash discharge like an aerosol continuously from any angle. It can spray up to seven blasts of about 20 feet each. It features a replaceable cartridge and come with a water cartridge for practicing. It weighs 1 pound meaning that, so it is easy to carry around in the pocket or bag.

Mace Pepper  gun is an accurate non-lethal self-defense gun. It offers distant defense with the accuracy and convenience of a point and shoot gun. The strode LED features a dual mode LED light that is trigger activated to help you aim accurately at your target as well as distract the attacker. The LED light is engaged once the trigger is pulled a second time.

mace pepper spray

Feature of  Mace Pepper Gun:

  • Dual-mode LED lights solid on and pulsating strobe effect
  • Replaceable spray cartridges
  • Comes with practice water spray cartridge and OS pepper spray
  • 20 foot spray range

Our Review: 

Mace pepper gun offers you the power to defend yourself in a hostile situation with its effective maximum strength formula power. It utilizes 10% pepper and an invisible UV marking dye that serves to assist in identifying your attacker. For maximum effect, it is advisable to shake the pepper sprayer before aiming and discharging at the attacker. The spray is discharged through depressing the trigger with your forefinger or thumb. For quick dispensation, press the trigger continuously.