VIPERTEK VTS-989 heavy rechargeable with LED Flashlight Review

VIPERTEK VTS-989 heavy rechargeable is a strong weapon. In most cases, just firing it in the air is enough to stop a potential attacker. It acts by pulsating a bright electric current between test prongs to create a threatening electric sound. Anyone will be stopped by this sound. If an attacker still comes your way, touch him with a gun. The gun will deliver a high electrical voltage shock that results to loss of muscle control, disorientation, confusion and balance. This will incapacitate an attacker and give you time to escape.

It comes with helpful instructions and information on how to maintain the charge, how not to damage it through sparking in the air, where to zap an attacker for best results and how the effects change given the stun time. Additionally, it features two buttons that prevent accidental discharges, while it is still easy to turn it on and use it when attacked.

Sum up Features of VIPERTEK VTS-989 heavy rechargeable

  • Snatch Prevention Should an assailant try to snatch the device from you, the shock plates on the side of the unit will also deliver a high voltage shock.
  • Powerful Stun Gun With LED Flashlight. Convenient Size (6.5 x 2 x 1)
  • Ultra-Sharp Spike Electrodes helps penetrate through thick clothing
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery No expensive batteries to buy. Non-Slip Rubber Coating
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price about 24$-25$¬†

Tip: If youre using this to protect yourself, do not store it in its holder while you are vulnerable to an attacker. Attackers use the element of surprise and so should you. Shuffling through a purse, unzipping a backpack, digging into a tight pocket, and removing it from the holder takes time that an attacker could use to stop you. When I travel with this device I carry it without its case in my sweater pocket and in my hand (during cold seasons.) In warmer conditions I carry it in a loose pocket on my pants. Be prepared!